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Best Digital Marketing Start-up Strategies with Examples

People of the present time spend their major part of time with the digital devices, that’s why digital marketing the best way to reach your targeted customers.

Keep in mind that he success of your business relies on how effectively you can reach your targeted customers.

Digital marketing targets all the devices like smartphones, laptops, desktops etc. Digital marketing is the most effective tools now a day to reach the audience in a short time.

If you want to successfully flourish your business online and engage your targeted customers, you need to make some effective strategies.

You designed an awesome, eye catching website, and you are expecting this all done.

Not at all. Designing an attractive website is only half the work done. The other half you have to do by utilizing the digital marketing strategies to get the expected attentions of your customers.

You are so lucky that in 2019, you can use the various digital marketing methods yourself to promote your business. You need to make a proper plan to use all the best strategies in effective way after the thorough analysis.

Now I am going to share with you some proven effective strategies you can use to promote your business successfully.

Invest in Web Design

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Surely, you are wondering that, how web design can be a marketing strategy? Well, I am giving you the answer. Web design is the first and foremost marketing tactics in digital marketing.

Basically all the marketing strategies always try to drive the audience to your website. If your website is not user friendly, not so attractive and handy, your customers will bounce back after a while.

That means all the other strategies will be failed for this reason. Website is the ultimate destination of the strategies. So you have to invest in your website to make it user friendly, simple and attractive also.

Some features of a Successful website:

If you don’t have enough technical knowledge of designing website, you can hire a skilled person who can design for you a modern, attractive and mobile friendly website.

 Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In the digital marketing concern, SEO comes at first. Basically online business is largely depends on all kinds of search engines.

Almost all the online users search in the google various things every day. If your website appears, after searching a specific search term, the possibility of getting more customers and more leads is increased.

So you have to optimize your website and contents for the search engines, so that your website can be appeared in the SERP (search engine results page).

If your website comes in the first page of google for a keyword and the keyword is very high search volume level, then you will get a lot of organic traffic.

But coming in first page of google is not so easy task; you have to provide a huge labor, effort and time to do this.

There are several tactics you can use to rank your site in the first page on the search engines.

SEO is an ongoing process and it is not done oversight. Without SEO it is impossible to be in this highly competitive online market.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Already I have mentioned in the above that SEO is a lengthy process. The result of the SEO will come after a long time and it is also an ongoing process.

If you are a new comer and you want to engage your customers instantly, you should go for SEM along with the SEO. SEM is basically a paid campaign.

In SEM your site is also shown in the search result in form of advertisement. Search engine generally shows the paid results above the organic results.

Paid result almost looks like the organic results but there is a small tag ‘ad’ leveled with the link of the site.

SEM is also well known as PPC (pay per click) campaign. Google adWords gives you a smart SEM campaign. You can purchase this according to the keywords, locations and other demographic data of the customers.

This is most effective method of reaching your targeted customers. It will cost only when a customer click on your link.

 Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media is now a strong media of digital marketing. The increasing number of people is using the social media like Facebook, instagram, Linkedin, twitter etc.

You can easily reach to your targeted audience through social media. Not only can you promote your business but also you can always keep in touch with your audience and can know your customers preferences through it.

Quality content on social is effective way to boost your business. You can get your targeted customer in organic way but at present social media like Facebook provides a variety way of paid advertisement using which you can focus on your niche.

Paid ad, hashtag campaign and influencer marketing are the effective methods of social media marketing.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is basically an old form of digital marketing though it is very important at present also.

Email marketing means sending the letters or offers of your business to the email of your customers. Research showed that email marketing has a high return on investment (ROI). So it cannot be avoided.

You can thank your customers through email; can provide notification of new products. It is very effective in local business promotion also.

You to keep in mind some features while create an email marketing campaign. They are:

  Online Advertising

Online marketing is an effect way of digital marketing. It means showing a banner ad to the other websites of the same niche.

Google adsense is providing the online advertising opportunities in various customized way to focus on the targeted customers.

So you can take the help of google adsense or you can give advertisement on the online magazines or news portals.

Landing Page Marketing

Landing page is also an excellent medium of digital marketing. Landing page means a page of a website where a visitor first land. In this sense homepage is most time works as a landing page.

But many marketers create a special landing page for campaign. After creating the landing page, they link it with the banner ads or other types of ads.

So the visitors who click on the ads go through a special landing page. Basically landing pages are made with eye catching headline and in mobile friendly manner.

We can say in words, landing page is effective tool to convert the new visitors into prospective buyers.

 Smartphone Marketing

Now a day the users of the smartphone are increasing rapidly. So the smartphone can be an effective way to promote your business.

Sending messages to the smart phone with your link you can promote your business locally or you can build a free a app (android or apple). Apps can perform some amazing actions for promoting your business.

Apps can provide push notification to the users when some new things added to the website. Moreover you can give ads via free apps provided by the google or apple. They will show your ads to the apps while users use the free apps.

Show the pop ups sometimes.

To conclude it is appeared that Smartphone marketing can be a smart idea in present time.

  Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is letting other marketers to do your marketing program. You will only pay the marketers after the sell is occurred.

The marketers will do all the things for you from making banners ads to landing pages. The best thing of affiliate marketing is it has no previous cost of sales.

The best example of affiliate marketing campaign is amazon. But the new startup businesses also can go via affiliate program.

Basically a lot of marketers are sitting before their desktops or laptops to do the affiliate marketing.

So affiliate marketing can be a good option for you if you have proper knowledge of how affiliate marketing works.

  Content Marketing

Content marketing means creating the contents that is loved by your targeted customers. Basically it is an indirect form of digital marketing.

If you can create amazing contents, your customers will be more loyal and willingly come to your website.

Quality and interesting contents will attract the visitors then automatically your sale will be generated. Quality contents will also help you for the others form of marketing like SEO link buildings.

So basically online marketing is largely depends on your content quality. Guest blogging is an important form of content marketing.

Posting a guest post in a same niche high authoritative site, and taking links from that post, will boost your audience and increase your loyalty to the customers. It also increases the rank in the search engine.

  Viral Marketing

At present ‘vial’ is common buzzword. Anything can be vial like memes, video, picture etc. Creating a short form content that is spread through the different media like a virus is called viral.

To make a content vial you have to understand the trends of the market and create it and simultaneously spread it through the various social media (facebook, youtube, news portals etc) in a short time.

And once your content gets viral, it will generate huge traffic overnight. You cannot be viral by doing the natural things, to be viral you have to make something incredibly hilarious or something wired.

Final Words

To become successful you need to choose the best useful type of marketing strategy.  There are some short terms and some long terms marketing strategies in the above discussed techniques.

For example SEO long term marketing strategy while sem is a short-term on.  Long term strategies will give you a great benefit in the future but short-term campaign provide you with the immediate leads.

You should test all possible forms of marketing campaign within your budget. Social media marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization, (PPC) pay per click campaign, affiliate marketing etc are some tested proven marketing strategies.

Therefore stand on with your business using the digital platform and search for the better quality marketing by updating your idea and knowledge every moment.

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