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How to Choose an Online Fax Provider – You Must Consider These Checklists

For me, online fax is the most secure way of communication for your business. I know people usually think that email is the most secure way, but unfortunately, it’s not. When you send an email anyone including your ISPs, Virus handlers, etc. can read and download your information if they want. Email can not provide you security.

Whereas, Fax or online fax uses the PSTN network which keeps your information secure. If the hacker gets access to your network, they won’t be able to see anything. So, it’s safer than email.

Now, if you are thinking to use an online fax service, there are certain things you need to look for. These things will help you to choose the best online fax provider.

Monthly fax limit

Before choosing a fax provider you need to make sure about your monthly fax usage for both incoming and outgoing. What you can do is to consult your fax log report or collect the six months data and find out your monthly average fax limit.

A monthly fax limit will help you to find out the amount you need to pay your provider. Once you find out the limit, you can set the monthly fax limit by your provider so that you don’t need to pay more money to the fax provider and you will have a clear idea about how many faxes you can receive and send each month.


When you choose an online fax provider, you need to go through their features. There are hundreds of Online fax providers in the market. All of them are not equal. There are so many providers, who keep the key features as their premium features. 

There are six key features that will help you to realize that online fax is important for your business. So, when you start looking for an online fax provider, make sure you look for the key features available on the provider you are choosing.

User-Friendly interface

It is important to look for a user-friendly interface while you are going to choose an online fax provider for you. It is really important. If the interface is complicated, you won’t feel interested to use it by yourself. You might need to hire an expert who will help you to send and receive faxes. It will cost you money. So, this feature is important.

Easy Setup

The setup process must be easy. If the setup process is easy it can save your time and energy. Sometimes people don’t think about this feature. But make sure you think about it. 

Large File Sharing

Sometimes you need to share large files with your clients. There are many providers who has this feature as their premium feature. When you are choosing the best online fax provider for you, make sure that it will be a key feature of that provider.

International Fax Number

Right now, most of the businesses are happening online. We have clients from all over the world. When you are looking for a fax provider, make sure they are offering you an international fax number in its features. It will help you to send and receive faxes around the world.

Unlimited Storage

Online fax service is a cloud-based service. There was a time when we receive a fax we print it and file it manually. But now, things have changed. Make sure that your provider is offering unlimited storage facilities.

Electronic Signature

Always make sure that your provider is allowing you to add an electronic signature feature. It will help you to send information quickly and efficiently. 


Most of the business has budget issues. They don’t want to spend more money on any product. But If you need a quality product, sometimes you need to spend money on that. It’s all about the security of your business. 

Usually, most of the online fax providers base fee is approximately $5 to $50 USD per month. When you choose an online fax provider, make sure that they don’t have any hidden charges. If you choose the right provider, it will help you to reduce hundreds of dollars every single month.

Customer Support

When you are using a new product or service, you obviously need assistance. An expert customer support team can offer you an amazing experience while you are using their product. It is important to research the customer support of online fax providers before choosing any of them.

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