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How to Find Long Tail Keywords: Keyword Research Tools in SEO

When you formulate an SEO plan, you may be allured by seeing the high search volume keywords for your targeted contents. Well, I want to warn you to stop here. Rethink about it.

Keywords that contain High search volume are also highly competitive. You will not be able to compete with the existing big brands to rank your website. As a small or medium brand, it is wise to go for a low competitive market.

Long tail keywords are generally low search volume and low competitive keywords that are very effective easy to rank. This is more focused and you can get you specific real customers by using it.

What does it Mean by Long Tail Keyword?

A long tail keyword is the search term that is more distinctive, focused and low search volume. It focuses on a very specific matter of a niche.

Generally, long tail keywords contain three or more words. It covers low search volume but it has very low competition also. You will not get a huge amount of traffic but it will bring you some specific real traffic.

Once you realize the impact of long tail keyword and know how to find it, you can unfold the door of opportunities to reach your focused audience.

Illustration of a Long Tail Keyword

Think about a keyword ‘best smartphone 2019′, you will get 2,870,000,000 results on Google for this keyword. It means, if you choose this keyword and want to rank with this keyword, you have to outrank the 2,870,000,000 competitors.

But if you choose more specific keyword as like ‘best smartphone in Dhaka for women’, you will be amazed to see that it shows only 3,050,000 results and it is less competitive than the previous.

So using a more specific long tail keyword, you can reach your targeted customers easily.

How to Find Long Tail Keywords?

After you know the ways of finding long tail keywords, it will be very easy for you.

I am describing you some effective strategies of finding long tail keywords, you will be able to find them without any cost, and they will help you bring most focused customers to your site.

Get a suggestion from Google auto fill:

The easiest way to get a long tail keyword is getting an idea from the Google suggested search term. When you enter a search term in the Google search bar, it shows you some suggested phrases that are also searched by the people.

You can get amazing long tail keyword idea from here. Examine the keywords that come just below the search bar and use it in your content or you can also use these terms as a seed keyword to research more.

Thus you can get the long tail keywords from Google auto fill.

 Find from Google related searches

When we search for anything in the Google, it shows some results in the SERP (search engine result page).

If we scroll down the page, we can see some other long tail keywords in Google ‘searches related to…’ You can get great ideas from this easy source regarding long tail keywords. Basically, it is a very cost effective way and if works very well.

See the section ‘people also ask’

After searching something in google, keep your eyes carefully on SERP page, you can see something as ‘people also ask’ box. It is another easy way of getting long search term and these are the real questions people ask worldwide related to your search term.

The interesting matter is that. If you click on the question it will show you the best answer and also bring new questions. So it is a really amazing source of getting best keyword ideas.

You can use ‘Ubersuggest’

Another handy tool for finding long tail keyword is ‘Ubersuggest’. Simply go to the ubersuggest website, enter your seed keyword in the search bar and you will get a lot of long tail keywords related to your original keyword along with monthly search volume, CPC, SEO difficulty etc.

Ubersuggest is the most useful free tool for getting thousands of keyword ideas. So use this tool for getting the amazing keyword ideas freely.

Check ‘answer the public’

A huge number of people search questions in the Google, so questions are the important search term. You can get a large number of question ideas regarding your keyword.

Simply go to answer the public, type your keyword and within few seconds you will get hundreds of questions related to your topic. You can use this question as your long tail keyword and create content using this. You easily rank your contents, if you follow this way.

Look the real questions on Quora

Quora is a question and answer site. You can get the real question that people discuss from this site.

As these questions are made by the different people in different time, using these questions as long tail keyword and making relevant content using these can derive the real audience.

Go to Quora and then search your topic. You will get various real questions and answer relating to your topic. Using this method you can get some powerful keywords idea and they will definitely help to get rank your site and get real customers.

Use ‘keyword everywhere extension’.

Another free amazing tool for getting keyword ideas is keyword everywhere extension tool. Add this extension in your browser, then sign in and configure the API key.

It will show you hundreds of keywords idea with monthly search volume in every possible keyword in the web browser.

This tool also allows some bulk keyword upload for getting search volume data. So this is a very good tool I have ever seen in absolutely free.

  At the Conclusion

These are some effective ways about how to Find Long Tail Keywords; following these methods anyone can get an effective idea of a long tail keyword.

Making contents for your specific targeted audience will boost your website rank rather than a broad audience. If you have any questions or better ideas to share, you can let us know by commenting without any hesitation.

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