Amazon Prime video reviews

Amazon Prime Video Reviews: Make Your Leisure Enjoyable

Watching some amazing shows like The Man in the High Castle or Destination Wedding is a desire of an amazon prime subscriber. If we compare other streaming sites with Amazon prime, then I must say it is the best streaming site on the internet these days.

If you are looking for the best movie streaming site, I think you should definitely have a look at this.

Amazon Prime video has unlimited award-winning movies, web series, for its users.

About Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is basically an online video streaming service for Amazon Prime members. If you are an Amazon Prime member, you can easily have access to thousands of award-winning movies, shows, etc. 

Besides, Amazon Prime Video gives you a feature of rent or buy movies or television episodes that are not available on Prime Video.


Watch Anytime, Anywhere

Whether you are at your home you are going somewhere in your car, if you have internet access, you can watch amazon prime video at any time you want.

Watch offline

It is obvious that you won’t have an internet connection every time.  Suppose you are traveling on a flight and an irritating passenger is sitting beside you. What you will do if there is no extra seat available? Well, you can watch prime videos offline. Download your favorite videos and watch it while you are traveling.

Parent Control

Prime Video offers you to set Parent control on your control. You can set a personalized pin so that others can not see what you don’t what them to show.

You just need to go to the video settings, click on the Parent control tab, and generate Amazon Video Pin. It’s easy


As all of us know that Amazon owns IMDb. The X-ray feature will help us to get a closer look at the movies, know about the actors, directors, and many more. You just need to move your cursor to each scene. You will see the actors’ names and character names on your screen.

CC- Closed Captioning

While watching movies, it might be difficult to understand the dialogues sometimes. Amazon Prime Video allows you to see the Closed Captioning or subtitles during the movies, or shows. If you don’t need it you can switch it off as well.

Free for all

Most of us have children in our family, right? Well, Amazon is also concerned about it. Amazon has a free for all feature that is applicable for all Amazon customers. They can let their children enjoy cartoons and preschool shows on prime video.


Well, the prime video membership starts from $5.99/month. It will allow you to watch prime videos only. Whereas if you take the $8.99/month or $12.99/USD per month you can also avail of different features of Amazon Prime as well. Amazon Prime won’t have any hidden charges on its pricing plan.

One month Trial

Amazon Prime Video is offering a one-month free trial for its new users. If you are new to Amazon Prime Video and want to experience their service, you can try their one month trial for free. They won’t charge you anything for that. If you don’t like their service you can cancel anytime you want.

Final Words

Amazon Prime Video is a product of Amazon. It is one of the best streaming sites these days. The pricing is relatively cheaper than other streaming services. Besides, It has unlimited video access, and watch offline features. 

On the other hand, the interface of Amazon Prime Video is not that much user-friendly. It means sometimes it becomes difficult to find the right content we are looking for. However, it has limited live TV features. 

If you don’t need any live TV features, and if you only want to enjoy movies and shows like us you should definitely go for it.

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