Email vs Online Fax

Email vs Online Fax- Which One is Best?

Whether it is a small business or a multi-billion dollar company, most of them are using email as a mode of communication. Most of the companies use Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, or maybe use their own server to send emails to their clients.

On the contrary, there are some companies who are doing business for a very long time and uses fax as their way of business communication. But fax machines consume a lot of space and many organizations don’t have a fax machine. 

So, either they have to switch to email and adapt to the new technology. But there are a few companies who still use fax machines to communicate with their client. They have to do it from nearby shops and it’s actually time-consuming.

Let me ask you something. Have you ever thought about what will happen if the email account or their server got hacked? How much secure email is? 

For me, email is not safe for several reasons. However, Fax machines consume a lot of space so you can’t keep it at your office. Finding a nearby shop to fax your documents is time-consuming and is not safe as well. Moreover, fax consumes a lot of paper and money as well.

That’s why a new technology has been introduced called online fax. It is safe, it does not consume any space in your office, it will reduce time and remove the usage of papers. 

Today I am going to discuss why online fax is better than email. I will share some facts to clarify my statement. 

So, let’s jump into it.


Email is a newly invented technology. It is a process where you can send a letter to a single or multiple persons at the same time. The email contains, text, colors, images, etc. 

It is free of cost. There are so many websites that offer you to open an account and then you can send emails to anyone you want. But he or she must need an email address where you can send your messages.

Online Fax

Online fax is basically the digital version of a regular fax machine. When we use fax machines, it connects through a telephonic transmission network and sends the exact copy of the document to the recipients.

Similarly, the online fax sends the exact copy of your document via a computer network. As you are doing it through your computer, you will not need to purchase any fax machines, and the consumption of papers will be removed.

Email vs Online Fax – A controversial debate

Choosing between Email and Online fax is the most controversial debate of the decade. I won’t say Email is better, or the online fax is better. Rather, I would say both are the best. 

It is your requirement that will make you decide, which one is perfect for you. I have researched and here I will show you some facts, that will tell you why Online fax is a step ahead than email.

Online fax is Highly secured

As per our research, Online fax is highly secured than email. When we send an email to anyone, it can be read by the people like ISP, virus checkers, servers, etc. between the journey to the destination.

But when we send online fax to a recipient, it is connected through a computer network and you can track it until the journey to the destination ends.

Yes, there are some ways to encrypt your email but both of you and your recipient might have a risk of malware. Email is not secure at all.

All faxes are organized

It will be a challenge for someone to find any email among the hundreds of emails. If you have ever tried it you will definitely know how it feels. Right?

Well, in online fax finding a document is easier than never before. When you receive any fax, it will be automatically archived and sorted in such a way that one could easily find the document he/she is looking for.


In every business, we need to send tons of documents, where we need to put our signatures. If we send emails we need to print the documents, sign it, scan it, make it pdf, and then send it to the recipient one by one.

Whereas if we use online fax, we need to scan our signature and put it on the documents and send it to the recipient. It saves a lot of time.

Delivery Notification

When we send an email to anyone, we are not sure if the client receives the email unless we receive a reply from them. But in online fax, we get a delivery notification instantly the fax has been received successfully.

Final Words

You can tell hundreds, even thousands of reasons why email is better than online fax. But let me tell you that if you are looking for a secure way of communication for your business, the only way that I would highly recommend you to try Online fax services. 

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