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Curiosity Stream Review: Thousands of Documentaries at One place

Nowadays, people are feeling less interest in watching TV. People have started watching streaming websites. The advantage of these websites are basically you can access no matter where ever you are. 

When we watch any movies or shows on TV the most annoying thing is the advertisements. It actually creates a distraction among the audience. But on the other hand, we can finally solve the issue while watching a movie on a streaming site.

There are hundreds of streaming websites available online these days. You can enjoy any of your favorite movies, or TV series, or Web Series from there with a certain amount of subscription fees per month.

Curiosity Stream is such a streaming website like Netflix or Amazon Prime, where you can watch thousands of documentaries regarding science, lifestyle, nature, technology, and many more. 

Today we are here to talk about curiosity stream. If you are curious, passionate to explore something new, this is the channel you should be looking for.

Curiosity Stream is such a website, where you will definitely learn something new. The subscription plans they are offering is actually less than the benefits they are offering. 

So, don’t waste time on intro and let’s jump into it.

What is Curiosity Stream?

Curiosity Stream is one of the most popular streaming sites on the internet. It is a website for curious people. As they say on their tagline, “Stay Curious”. As they believe that Curiosity will help you to grow your passion and explore something new. Curiosity Stream is a place where you will get thousands of videos on space, nature, science, lifestyle, pets, food, etc.

Curiosity Stream will help you to satisfy your thirst for knowledge. No matter wherever you are, you can join and enjoy all of their videos with a minimum amount of subscription fees.

Why Curiosity Stream!!

You might be thinking there are so many streaming sites available online. What makes curiosity Stream different? Why should you get a subscription for this website?

Well, yes you are absolutely right. There are undoubtedly numerous streaming websites available online. But the idea of Curiosity Stream is different. It is a website where you can’t see some romantic, or horror movies. Here, you can learn something new that will enhance your knowledge of thirst. 

Where you want to know the history of English, or the history of food, ancient earth or about your body you will be able to learn it from here.

Curiosity Stream has a huge library with a collection of a wide range of videos to engage, educate, and inspire their audience.

No matter what you are interested in, you can go and look for your desired videos and enjoy them.

Curiosity Stream is such a website that everybody should subscribe if they are willing to learn something new and interesting.


Curiosity Stream has some common features for its users. You can get the same features on all its pricing plans. Those features are:

Enriched Video Library

Curiosity Stream has thousands of videos, documentaries for its users. It also includes award-winning exclusives, and originals as well.

Video Quality

It offers High Definition (HD) video quality for all its videos. Whether you choose its monthly or annual plan you can see HD quality videos. If you want to see 4K quality videos then you need to pay extra money for that.

Global Access

No matter where ever you are, you can access your Curiosity Stream account to enjoy some great videos with your family and friends.

Watch anytime from any devices

You can watch videos anytime from your laptop, PC, mobile, tablet or any other devices. You can also download videos and watch offline whenever you want to.

Streaming Continuously

While watching exciting videos on Curiosity stream, you won’t face any buffering issues. You can stream continuously on all of your devices. Unless you have a poor internet connection, you can enjoy amazing exclusive originals without any buffering.


Comparing to other online streaming websites, Curiosity Stream is cheaper and enriched with thousands of useful videos. Curiosity Stream has two pricing plans for its users. They are Monthly and Annual Plans.

If you ask my recommendation I would say the Annual Plan will be the best option for you. Though both of the plans have the same features. But the price actually varies.

The monthly plans worth $2.99USD/month. Whereas, you need to pay @11.99USD/year on the annual plan.

If you don’t like it, don’t worry. You can cancel the plan anytime you want.

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