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FreshBooks Reviews, Features and Pricing

If you are an entrepreneur and owns a small to medium-sized business, FreshBooks accounting, and invoicing software is the right partner of you. In the case of invoicing and accounting, FreshBooks has achieved the #1 position in terms of its services provided.

Becoming a business owner, you should keep track of your incomes and expenses. You guys may find it very complex. Surely it’s a complex task. And you are not willing to make a mistake with your accounting and desire a smooth and fresh book-keeping.

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What if you get a tool that can make this complexity into the simplest work?

Is this possible?


All the accounting problems can be solved with one solution. FreshBooks is the hero that can make your tasks easy to manage.

What is FreshBooks?

FreshBooks called itself “all in one business invoicing and accounting solution. FreshBooks is a smart, cloud-based, accounting software that is specially designed for entrepreneurs, small to medium-sized businesses, freelancers, and the starter. It lets its users spending less time accounting and give more attention to your business.

Whether you operate a business or manage a team or group of employees, FreshBooks can help you keep the right track of your works, projects, time takes to complete a project, your client’s invoices, make payments, and so on.

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FreshBooks makes your business decisions perfect that is based on your business insights and the actual data you have provided. Invoicing is not the single task that FreshBooks can make.

It will help you create professional invoices, recurrent payment scheduling, accepts debit and credit card payments, create proposals and estimates, manage team works or projects, business transactions and integrate with other accounting software to avoid double listing.

Why Use FreshBooks?

This accounting software not only make the accounting and invoicing easier but also terminate the financial functions at your hand’s step. All financial transactions are here made securely, all data are kept, and all records are safely stored.

The extensive and useful, easy to use features at very affordable pricing appreciated SMBs owners, freelances and StartUps. It replaces the traditional accounting system and simplifies it. Thus saving time and money.

Excellent time tracking of projects and payments keep you informed about your work. Create reports. Organize team works, provide feedback, and collaboration of the entire team is simplified and made easier.

Features of FreshBooks


Accounting is the first-line service of this software. It provides accurate, reliable, compliance, makes financial reports easy to understand. It calculates revenues and expenses, prepare a net calculation of total profit or loss.

It strictly maintains all debit and credit amounts, and help you make an error-free year-end tax form. It imports and categorizes financial transactions. Automatically replace matching items, prevent double-entry, and add new items. The automated bank reconciliation will make you happy and feel confident.


Though its first-line activity is accounting, it is most popular for creating professional invoices. Create your own business named, customized professional invoices in just one click. You will be surprised about getting your work done so fast.

You could ever think that software can make payments so fast and accurately. Your clients will be happy getting them paid faster.

Create your professional invoice adding your company logo, business title and personalized thank you mail. Get the sweet taste from bitter works.

Get your buyer to know the due dates of payment and terms, any discounts you are offering. Have a look at the preview of the invoice to make it error-free. FreshBooks will automatically calculate taxes for you and get you notified if any invoices have been viewed and paid.

Time Tracking

Save more time and increase your productivity. Entrepreneurs and freelancers do not work by the hour; they count every single second. Only they know a second worth to them. Using FreshBooks you can know how much time you have spent on your clients and projects.

Setting the time tracker up, you can focus on your work, not to the clock. At the end of the project, you can see your products. How hardly worked you have!!!!

See at a glance how the team members are spending their time from any place you are. You can record time for individual people. Daily, weekly, and monthly time tracking schedules. Keep your works in your eyes.

Project Management

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Manage your every project by keeping them on track. Assign date the project should be completed within. Set the timer for the project. Collaborate with each member of the team and chat with them. Share data and images in a project. Invite your contractors or team working in a project. See at a glance the project whether completed or not.

Accept Payments

Give online payments two-times speed than the traditional one. Accept payments through FreshBooks invoices and get your money paid faster.

FreshBooks provides multiple payment options that make your clients feel wow. It does not ask for additional or hidden fees. Payments through FreshBooks are transparent. Secure, and safe.


Get your financial reports at a single click. FreshBooks keeps you knowing your business performances. You can instantly see your progression, expenses, outcomes, and many more data. You can export these ready-made financial reports to keep them recorded. At tax time, you feel easy to calculate your taxes.


FreshBooks have designed FOUR different plans for you guys. As I have mentioned above, they have designed this tool to help the SMBs and entrepreneurs grow their businesses up, limited price is asked for each of the plans.

You can start your journey with FreshBooks having a FREE trial for 30 without submitting a credit card. At the end of your free trial, you can either buy a plan to go on a pro or cancel anytime. FreshBooks will never charge for it.

Lite Plan

The very basic plan of FreshBooks. All the minimum features are included that you will need as a starter. You can bill up to 5 clients in a month. It charges $15 per month which can be billed either monthly or annually. The features you can deal with are –

  • Unlimited and customizable professional-looking invoices
  • Unlimited expense entries and estimates
  • Unlimited time tracking
  • Accept ACH bank transfers and credit card payments
  • Automated bank import and insightful tax reports
  • You can add team members adding additional charge $10 per person

Plus Plan

The economic plan of FreshBooks. It suits well to the Small to Medium-sized Businesses. You can bill up to 50 clients in a month. It charges $25 per month which can be billed either monthly or annually. The features you can deal with are –

  • All the Lite features including –
  • Unlimited Business proposals
  • Automated recurring invoices and late payment reminders
  • Schedule late fees and double-entry accounting reports
  • Client retainers and advanced payments

Premium Plan

This plan is designed for growing teams having a dynamic and growing team. You can bill up to 500 clients in a month. It charges $50 per month which can be billed either monthly or annually. The features you can deal with are –

  • All the Lite and plus features including –
  • Bill up to 500 clients.
  • Advanced payments
  • Add team members adding additional charges

Select Plan

This custom pricing plan is designed for large businesses having a large group of team members. You can bill up to 500+ clients. A dedicated account manager will be there to get you helped in any kind of issue.

In this plan, customized training will be arranged for on how you can use FreshBooks to save your money and make your time more productive.

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