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Introducing QuickBooks In A Newlight: QuickBooks Review

Have you ever think that you have started a small business, but you don’t have any knowledge about managing a business account. What will you do? Your answer should be you will hire someone who will manage it.

Well, I would like to tell you my friend, the annual salary of an accountant in the United States in huge. As a startup, I don’t think it will not be a great idea.

So, what will you do?

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Well, you can choose online accounting software for your business. It will not be that costly.

Now other questions strike in your mind. Right? Which software will be perfect for your small business. Is it safe? How much you need to pay? What are the features? And lots more. 

Here, we will discuss Quickbook, an online accounting software. It will be a great choice for your small business. We will discuss its features, pricing, etc. in the latter part of the article.

About Quickbooks 

Quickbooks is basically a cloud-based accounting software that has been specially designed for small and medium businesses all over the world. It helps entrepreneurs to track their business financial status. 

As it is cloud-based software, that means you can access your information, no matter where ever you are. Quickbooks has introduced mobile apps for your convenience. Now you can check your accounts from your smartphones.


Quickbooks has come up with so many interesting features. Suppose, you have proper knowledge on accounting and you are managing your accounts on your own. What we usually do is managing our accounts on spreadsheets. We have spent hours managing our accounts. Sometimes we do mistakes as well.

It makes us less productive and the report might be full of errors. Quickbooks will help us to save our time and energy. It will also provide an accurate report to take further decisions.

Some of its great features are

Job Costing

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Job costing is the process of calculating all the different costs that are associated with a job or project. It will help you to determine the profit and loss of your business.

With this feature, you can keep tracking all your project expenses and income. It will help you to track how much money you are spending on a project, how long a project takes, etc.

That means, job costing feature will increase your productivity, and it will also work to monitor your income and expenses.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management tools is a system that helps you to keep a bird’s eye view on your stocks. It will give you a clear idea about how much stocks you have, how much product you have sold, etc.

It is a built-in tool that you don’t need to purchase separately. This tool will generate an automated report that will show clear information about your sales and stocks.

It will also notify you whenever you need to reorder any product. This tool is amazing. It will also save your time and energy. Now you don’t need to check products on your shop or warehouse. You can simply check the tool and it will show you the results.

Manage Bills

No more late fees!!!

Yes, if you are a Quickbooks user, you don’t need to pay any late fees. Because it gathers all your payment information in one place. When you check its dashboard you will see all the payment dates are organized according to dates.

It helps you to pay your bills on time. This tool will also keep records of every payment you have made. Whenever you want to check you can do it.

Quickbooks is also known as the unlimited bill payment organizer.

Track Expenses

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Most businesses fail because they are not aware of how much money they are spending. Your business will definitely fail if you don’t control your expenses.

That is why Quickbooks online have introduced this amazing tool to track your expenses. It is easier than you thought. Now it is time to say goodbye to your spreadsheets.

Every time you do your accounts with spreadsheets, there is a huge possibility of mistakes. That means when you need to pay taxes, either you will pay more or less taxes. You will not be able to generate your actual profit or loss.

Quickbooks online will help you to track all of your expenses. It will also generate an annual report showcasing your income and expenses.


The built-in reporting tool of Quickbooks will help you to keep a bird’s eye view on your cashflow and business performance. It will also help you to take better business decisions.

However, you will get all financial statements in real-time. It means you will have a clear idea on what’s going in your business. 

With accurate reports, you can set up your future goals. You can minimize your expenses and provide professional financial reports to the investors.


Quickbooks has a smart invoice tool that will help you to create and send professional invoices and help you to get the payment faster.

If you are a Quickbooks user, you might have already connected your bank account with it. Now you can send invoices to your vendors and receive payments through the invoice using this tool. Your money will be deposited into your accounts directly.

Pros and Cons

Every product has some Pros and cons. Quickbooks online has the same. But the number of pros is higher than the cons.


  • User-Friendly interface
  • Saves Time and Energy
  • Generate accurate accounting reports
  • Software Integration facility
  • Price is affordable


  • No eCommerce and barcode scanning feature
  • No direct professional support
  • File-size limitation


When it comes to pricing, Quickbooks online is better than hiring an accountant for your business. Quickbooks online is highly affordable. It has three different pricing plans. 

All the plans have come up with the core features we have mentioned earlier.

Before we start let me tell you that if you are outside the United States you will get three different pricing plans. But if you are a citizen of the United States, you will get four different pricing plans.

Here we will talk about the global pricing plans.

Global Quickbooks Pricing starts from $7.50/month to $15.50/month. These plans are specially designed for small and medium-sized businesses. You can choose any of them based on your requirements.

All the plans are offering a one-month free trial for its new users. You don’t need to pay any money for this. Besides, if you don’t like it you can cancel anytime.


We all know that you will find hundreds of accounting management tool and you might have used some of them. But let me tell you we are here to tell you the truth about Quickbooks. We are here to introduce such an accounting tool that will fulfill all your needs.

If you manage your accounts through spreadsheets, you will realize how much time consuming it is. That is why we are introducing Quickbooks online that will undoubtedly make you productive that you never think of.

You can use Quickbooks for 30-days as complimentary. We are sure that you will love it. If you have any queries you can contact Quickbooks live chat from their website. They have an expert team that will help you whenever you need them.

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