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8 Best Back link Checker Tools that Help in SEO

A backlink is one of the major ranking factors that have declared by Google. From last year, Google’s Penguin algorithm brought an update where it kills the value of PBN and low-quality backlinks.

It pays the most priority on high-quality contents then the backlink to rank a website.

In the SEO industry, now building backlink becomes one of the major challenges as it needs to be qualified.  

For successful SEO and to defeat competitors, webmasters need to keep an eye on the backlinks that their site achieved to keep them secure.

Additionally, we also should monitor our competitor’s website and check their back links in order to outnumber the competitors.

Finding backlinks is a difficult task. In fact, finding links using free tools may be less fruitful. But if you have no budget for a backlink checker tool, you have to opt for free backlink checker tools.

You can make a combination of these free tools data to extract an average but better result.

All tools may not offer free service, only a few in the web industry offer it. Popular SEO tools like Ahrefs, MOZ also offer back link checking for free with limitations.

SEMRush, one of the leading companies offers a limited number of checking per day for 30 days.

Best Free Back Link Checker Tools

I would like to recommend to you some of the best backlink checker tools that you can use for free.

You can choose one or more of the following tools. Some of these tools will give you details data where some may not.


In the SEO industry, SEMRush is one of the biggest and famous names. This is tool has got multiple features and more power to extract all of the backlinks that are pointed to your searched site.

It provides the number of links, number of referring domains, domain and page authority of linking sites, anchor text, URLs and titles of linking page, and comparison of inbound links weight and competitors domain.

You can see the types of backlinks whether they are dofollow or nofollow. It will also explore the source of link like text content, image forms.

To get explored with SEMRush, you need to register on SEMRush. Don’t worry. It’s free. Only they will ask for your name and email address to register.


The BOSS of SEO tools (competitor research and SEO back link checker) Ahrefs provides back link checker for free.

I was just surprised hearing that it’s FREE. Where Ahrefs free trial period requires $7 for 7 days, the back link checker is free without any terms and condition. Is not it surprising?

Ahrefs provides in-depth analytic data about any website and these data seems to be the most accurate than the other tools. Almost 15 trillion links are indexed in Ahrefs. From these huge amounts of links, Ahrefs analyze all data.

You can also get broken link checker tool at Ahrefs.

MOZ – Link Explorer

One of the leading SEO tools providers is Open Site Explorer – MOZ. It is very popular for Free SEO Tools.

MOZ’s Link Explorer is also free to use. You can uncover other website contents and backlinks to find the way of making incredible change in your SEO strategy.

Analyze your competitor’s link profile and make comparison with yours one to build targeted and intelligent back links.

MOZ has 35.5 trillion indexed links. It can dive into the deepest of links to bring their data out. With a 30 days free trial session, you can use all tools of MOZ to research and analyze SEO data.

Smallseotools- Backlink Checker

Small SEO tools is a popular free SEO tools provider. Along with other tools, it also provides Free back Link Checker tool. The data for smallseotools is almost accurate. As a beginner, this tool can be the best performing tool for you in SEO.

Rank Signals

Rank Signals is a very convenient and effective backlink checker tool. It gives an in-depth data of your searched domain. Not only backlinks, but it also provides ALexa rank data, page rank, and internal and external link ratio to find out the quality and values of the links.

It will help you extract the bad and spam links out so that you can identify and remove them. It helps to find the broken or deleted links and mark them with an error sign.

The beloved feature of Rank Signal is its Chrome Extension. This will make it easy to find the SEO metrics in your browser.


LinkMiner, a partner brand of KWFinder from Mangools, is powerful link mining tool. This tool is fully free to check back links. Over 8 trillions of links are indexed I LinkMiner.

The feature of LinkMiner that I love is its Filter option. You can filter your link search and get the result what exactly you want.

I have found LinkMiner as the best free tools to explore back links at the simplest and best way.

The Hoth

Hoth has declared them as the best free back link checker tool. The Hoth only provides the data of those links that are top and pointing to the specific website.

You can use the Hoth backlink checker to outrank your competitors by building quality links.

The problem with Hoth is it takes data from Ahrefs. It is unable to provide data by its own. To obtain data from The Hoth, you have to put an email address in the provided blank space. Otherwise, you cannot see the data.

BackLink Watch

The simplest and easiest back link checker tool is BackLink Watch.  From the BackLink Watch review, I have found it as one of the best-rated tools by customers.  It will show the pages back links, ranks, anchor text, inbound and outbound links, nofollow or dofollow links all at a glance.

This is perfect for beginners to use it simply and dig the back links out.

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