Top 10 Digital Marketing Tools

Top 10 Best Digital Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business

Digital marketers often use different tools to manage their jobs and tasks. The Digital Marketing almost depends on the proper use of tools as they need.

To make it easy to find those tools out, here I have listed top 10 best digital marketing tools that are very essential to run your business online.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Tools

Do you know what digital marketing is?

If not familiar, no matter.

Like the offline marketing, digital marketing does the same task using tools and software through the Internet.

The digital marketing could be content marketing, social media marketing, video marketing, email marketing and many more ways.

Whatever, what types of marketing strategy you prefer, you should some of the marketing tools to manage your tasks.

These tools will help you to reach your audiences and customers out and ease your work.

I have not categorized these tools; rather I have made a rough list of them. You can pick the tool that you like.

Top 10 Best Digital Marketing Tools

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Before going to inside of the tools, I would like to say, I have recommended these tools to use only after I have used them for the time I am running my business online.

Not surely, you will like all of them and find them useful for you. You have the option to choose yours favorite one. But, these tools hopefully, may become your best partner in digital marketing.

Ahrefs – The Best SEO and Keyword Research Tool

What I will say about ahrefs, is nothing. This tool exceeds all limitations of being too good. If you have made a website and wish to grow your business; ahrefs has the highest potential to help you. The SEO experts have their best experiences with ahrefs to research the keywords, competition, backlinks, and to monitor their competitor’s websites.

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No other tools could give you such in-depth and detailed information as ahrefs do. The data provided by ahrefs has almost 100% accuracy and correctness. This is the best SEO tools that I have used ever.

This tool will help you to research keywords for your website to rank first on search engine, monitor and check your websites backlinks to find out the good and bad links, analyze competitor’s website data to help you unrank them.

Google Analytics – Best Reliable Tool

google analytics

The best tool to monitor your website traffic is Google Analytics. The data of Google analytics is highly reliable and accurate. It is a free service provided by Google.

You can monitor the quantity, quality, and overview of your web traffic. This tool will help you to squeeze out the in-depth data of website visitors.

You can see how your website visitors come to your website, what they are searching, from which country they have come from, what phrases they are using to get your website found.

MOZ – Great SEO Tool

MOZ is one of the best SEO tools that help marketers to get data of their websites as well as their competitors. Like ahrefs, MOZ is a very popular SEO and digital marketing tool.

What data do you need to monitor your website’s progress?

MOZ will give you the keywords for what your website ranked, the backlink profile, anchor text used to get links, exploration of all backlinks, spam score and many more data.

You can get your competitors website data to modify your website better than that. The link explorer will help you export the bad links that causes harm to your website.

Getresponse – Best Email Marketing Tool

To do email marketing, Getresponse will help you to grow fast and reach a vast audience at a very little time. Email marketing is one of the best ways to get conversions ad targeted traffic.

Sending emails to the interested people is a great way to convert the audiences into traffic. But it is very time consuming and tiring to send emails manually.

Using a tool will help you save your valuable time and resources. In these circumstances, GetResponse should be your first choice. Getresponse will help you organize, manage, and send emails to your targeted emails that you have inputted in a list. This tool will do your job automatically and continuously.

MailChimp – Best FREE Email Marketing Tool

When you start a business, you may have a tight budget. Every cent has to use properly. So, there may not any budget for email marketing. How would you feel getting an email marketing tool for FREE?

It’s really great, right?

I think so. Yah. Unlike Getresponse, MailChimp is a FREE email marketing tool that is very helpful for beginners. To grow your business and to promote your service, there is no alternative of email marketing. When it comes free, it will be more convenient.

Buzzsumo – A Great Social Media Examiner

While marketing you should keep track of your activities, specifically, the social media performances. I have used a number of tools to monitor and track my social media promotional data and I have found the Buzzsumo as the best partner in this field.

To analyze your competitors to outrank them, Buzzsumo is a very reliable tool you can use to dig out more data. If you want to perform better than your competitors, do your research and upgrade your existing policy to get more traffic and conversions.

HootSuite – Social Media Management Tool

To do better with your social network, organize all of the account at one place and manage them. As the social media marketing is a big way to get targeted audiences, you should manage them properly.

You can schedule your social posts, manage social contents, track and prove the social ROI, and monitor the conversations that you have done.

The best thing about Hootsuite is that you can get their services for 30 days at no cost through ther 30 days free trial. The blog, guides, webinars and other resources will help you learn more about social media marketing.

Canva – The Best Design Tool

I am very much impressed and happy with Canva, the great image and picture design tool. Images and pictures have an important contribution to digital marketing. Banners, posters, images are the means of attracting audiences.

What type of image do you need? What size should be the perfect for your purpose?

Don’t worry. Canva will make all these things easy for you. Design your desired image according to your choice and requirements on It is far better and easier than Photoshop. You will just amazed seeing the features and designs at Canva.

Camtasia – The Best Video Making Tool

Camtasia is a powerful video tutorial and presentation making tool. It is a standard tool for capturing your computer screen and converts it into video.

If you would like to start digital marketing through video marketing, Camtasia is the best tool that would help you capture your tutorials. It is available for both Windows and MacOS.

The professional features of Camtasia are made easy for their users to use it. Even a person who never uses it, can find it very easy to make videos.

WordAi – Best Artificial Content Writer

In the field of content marketing, the demand of content or articles is much higher. To rank your website on Search engine, there is no alternative of a good quality content and backlink.

The first term of SEO is the quality of your web content. But the price of article writer is very demanding. Low priced writers will provide you with low quality contents. So, to get unique, high quality contents you can use WordAi, the best article rewriting tool that I have ever used.

The content that is rewritten on WordAi has good qualities like a human written content. It will not spin the content. It will convert the content into a new one using appropriate and understanding words. You can customize your rewrite article from the alternative words that WordAi shows.

The Verdict

As a digital marketer you may need more tools. All of the above stated tools are very convenient and handy for digital marketers. No matter what type of tool you use, before using you should check the reviews of that tool. As a beginner you should plan to start a new session with a good partner like the above tools.

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