best web hosting for small business

The best Web Hosting for Small Business Websites

If you want your success to your small business, you need to run a website behind it. Without a website, you cannot compete with your large volume of a competitor over the world.

To make a website you need a super fast web hosting. A good performing website can lead your business to a further level.

best web hosting for small business

There are thousands of millions of customers who are looking to buy a product online over the Internet.

So, if you don’t run your business you will definitely miss a number of customers who might be interested in your business, products, and services.

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There are lots of web hosting providers. You need to take a wise decision while choosing one from them. You must choose a web hosting where memory, loading speed, bandwidth should be great.

Don’t save a small amount of your money and buy a very cheap hosting and as a result, it actually won’t help you bring your customers. Because Search Engines including Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, Baidu loves those websites which perform well.

Today I’m here to guide you for taking a wise decision before buying a web hosting.

Obviously, I will recommend you the best web hosting providers in the world. Keep faith in me and continue reading this blog post.

Basic Introduction to Web Hosting for Small Business

I’m assuming that you are not much familiar with web hosting. So, I’m going to explain the basic concept of web hosting.

Basically, a web hosting provider is a company that will help your website to be live on the Internet. They will store your files such as video, audio, images, documents, design, styles and other contents of your website.

There are mainly three types of web hosting

  1. Shared Web Hosting

2. Dedicated Web Hosting

3. VPS Web Hosting

shared vps dedicated hosting

Dedicated web hosting is the best among all another web hosting. The performance, loading speed of your site definitely will be better than other here in dedicated web hosting.

Only your website will take a whole server to store its content. No other website will share the bandwidth of this server.

Shared web hosting is slower than dedicated and VPS web hosting. You should not buy this plan if you have a good budget to launch your website.

Others website will share bandwidth and other resources with your website. So, there is a huge possibility to go your website down.

VPS web hosting performs in between dedicated and shared web hosting. The means it is better than shared web hosting but worse than dedicated web hosting. If you have a standard budget you may buy this web hosting.

I’m going to share with you one of the best web host providers who provide the best services but at a lower cost.

As a reader of my website, I would love to provide you a coupon code as a gift on behalf of me. If you use the coupon code, you can test their service at only $0.01

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Now I’m going to introduce some of the best web hosting providers.


GoDaddy is one of the best web hosting providers in the world. They claim that they are #1 Domain and web hosting provider in the world. You can buy domain name at cheap rate from GoDaddy if you are the first time customer of GoDaddy. You don’t need any coupon code for the cheap domain name. Just click on the banner or link below and your coupon will automatically be set up.

There is also a great offer they are currently offering. As a reader of my website you are eligible for a FREE domain name with their best cheap hosting plan. Actually the offer is: Get a FREE domain with $1/month hosting plan. The means you are eligible to get a FREE domain and web hosting for 12 months at only $12.

To get this offer you don’t need any coupon code. Just click on the banner or link below and take the limited time but very popular offer.


I’ve already introduce with Interserver while I was talking about VPS server. They are really cool at providing VPS server. Since they have a very strong confidence, support team and high-quality services, they are offering 1 month FREE trial at almost nothing cost.

As a valued reader of my website you are eligible to test their service out at only $0.01. Click on the banner or text link below and apply the coupon code: 1cent while purchasing their VPS hosting.

Here is the coupon code: 1cent


iPage is another best web hosting provider in the world. Right now they are providing great offer for their first time customer.

Get total $500 FREE gift from them being their customer. Get a FREE domain name, $100 Google Adwords credit, $100 bing ads credit and many more. The customer care support is awesome. You can reach them out 24 hours 7 days.


Hostgator is very popular web hosting provider among the customers. Their cloud hosting service is good. They are the best for Windows hosting service. But the sad news is that their customer care service is very bad. A customer has to wait hours of time to reach them out.


Big Discounts for Domains, Hosting, SSL and more
Honesty saying, Namecheap is very popular for providing domain name. Maximum time they run different type of domain offers. Their $0.48 domain name service is running for the long time. And it’s a great of matter that you are eligible to get more offer than regular offers being the valued reader of my website. Their hosting service is also good. Customer care support is awesome. You don’t need to wait more than 30 seconds to reach out a real human. They offer 24 hours and 7 days support.


Every month and every year this company provides different type of offers on domain name. Their $0.99 domain name offer is very popular among the customers. Their phone call support is more available than chat support.


FatCow Web Hosting

If your budget is low but you are looking for high quality web hosting provider, I would like to suggest you to purchase their annual hosting plan at very cheap rate. Though this company is not more famous in the word of mouth, they provide great service. You can reach them out 24 hours and 7 days by human support.

A2 Hosting

Without explaining much about this leading company, I recommend this web host provider. There is no doubt that they are one of the best web host providers in the world. You can choose their affordable hosting plan. They offer monthly and yearly plan. So, if you would like to test their service out just buy their hosting for a month and if you are satisfied with them continue using their super hosting service.


If you never hear about web hosting and the providers of web host I hope after reading this piece of content you have learnt a more. If you are not running your website for your small business it’s high time to start spreading your business online. Thus you will be able to get some extra customers to your products, services and business. In this competitive world there is no alternative way if you compete with your business competitors. So, let’s start building a website for your company right now by selecting one of the web host providers I’ve mentioned and suggested above.

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